My career has taken me across many various industries and roles - from running bars to national product management. As a consultant I have been involved in some pretty exciting projects and work-streams. As a business owner I couldn't have three more differing industries and styles of business to direct.

If there is one takeaway from this page, it's that change and innovation are good. Business cannot stand still; innovation, thinking and acting differently than the rest is the only way to truly drive growth, make change and build a legacy. 

Your core purpose is what drives business success. Back this with solid strategy, the right people and best practice supported by appropriate systems and processes. Navigating this can be tricky, but having the right people inserted alongside your business can help bring fresh, new thinking which can drive positive change and outcomes.

I won't bore you with a resume, however below is a snap-shot of experience and skill-set I have built up over the past 20 years on this planet. Maybe some of it can be useful to your business or industry.

Business Development: Working with many businesses (small, medium and large) in various one-off aspects from Business Planning, Succession Planning, Marketing and Sales.

Mentoring and Coaching: Working alongside Business owners on a regular basis to help guide and develop many aspects of business.

Engaging with and working alongside both Local and Central Government agencies.

Business Cases, Funding Applications and Project delivery.

Market analysis, strategy and organisational structures.

Iwi Group, Maori Trust and Hapu mahi.

Land utilization and bio-diversity advisory.

Governance advisory and workshop delivery.

Project application and delivery:

  • Provincial Growth Fund
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Nga Whenua Rahui

Engagement and service delivery for:

  • Te Puni Kokiri
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Multiple Business Startups - Directorships and practical governance associated with running several diverse entities.

Practical LEAN and AGILE Business practices.

Greenfield startup advisory and strategic planning.

Practical, hands on experience in various industries and sectors including:

  • Heavy Transport
  • Construction and Earthmoving
  • Forestry Operations
  • Sales Management and Product Management at both regional and national level
  • Blockchain technology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sales and Marketing channels and funnel systemisation
  • Strategic influencer marketing and global distribution

Board roles including:

  • East Bay REAP
  • Have a Heart Foundation
  • Workforce Development Advisory