About Tristan Vine

I'll save the biography for later in life.

Safe to say I'm uber passionate about people, community, business, culture and seeing others succeed.

Born in Whakatane New Zealand, I did the rounds of big city life until moving back "home" in 2017. City life is great, with shit-loads of opportunity but I can safely say that regional New Zealand presents amazing opportunities if you look hard enough.

Way back when I was was an "employee" I cut my teeth in the engineering, automotive and industrial sectors. Working my way up from unpacking inwards goods, through to counter-sales, parts department, service advising, sales rep, national area and product management and more. 

If you're looking to improve efficiency and productivity in these areas - and in these industries - I've been there and have probably done the very tricks you're wanting to weed out of the business. 

From there I started to import my own Industrial Transmissions, which ignited the entrepreneurial spark in me. Fast forward through a lot of learning, professional development, experience and hustle I'm now involved in and adding value to many other industries and sectors I never thought I'd get into, yet thoroughly enjoy.

The recent years have seen me heavily involved in various projects, work-streams and co-founding two companies that have delivered successfully in the areas of:

  • Business Development
  • Innovation projects and management
  • Governance and advisory
  • Iwi and Maori Economy advisory (my favourite)
  • Greenfield and Start-up projects
  • Block-chain and digital currency
  • Manuka Honey and Export markets
  • Funding applications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • E commerce and Digital Platforms
  • Trusts, Social Enterprise and Community Projects
  • Land Utilisation
  • Sales and Marketing

Finally, because I really don't like sleep, I decided to co-found Manuka Performance, an all natural sports nutrition company set on changing the way athletes win through the energy they consume.